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$$ for College

Would you believe me when I say it is possible to get A LOT of scholarship money based just on your ACT or SAT and your GPA?  Well it is!  Download this report to see some requirements from some of the top universities in the country!


Should you be taking the SAT or the ACT?  Every college in the country accepts both tests.  The ACT has a science section, but the SAT has two math sections.  The best thing to do is to try BOTH tests and see what you do better on.  I put together a practice test that contains half of a SAT and the other half is an ACT.  You can take them both back to back in order to see which test you prefer and which test you score better on!  And it is FREE to take!

Plan? What Plan?

Not sure when to start preparing for the ACT or SAT?  When are the tests given?  What is the difference between the tests? This report will answer all these questions!

How much money is your score worth?

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SAT or ACT? Take this practice test to help you decide!

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"A goal without a plan is just a wish!"

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