Working with students of all ability levels to increase confidence and scores.

Working with students of all ability levels to increase confidence and scores.

Private Tutoring


Private Tutoring for ACT/SAT



Target specific needs



Everything we work on is geared to meet your child at their current level, fill in any gaps or misunderstandings, and bring them to the next level.

Private tutoring allows the ACT and SAT teaching to take place at the pace that is best suited for your child. Every student is unique!

Many students are afraid to admit that they don’t understand something. There is a freedom that comes with working with a tutor that your student is comfortable with.

Small Group Tutoring ACT/SAT



10 hours of instruction


1 proctored practice test

6 students maximum

All materials provided

Learn from each other

Review content on exams

Students in our small group tutoring see the SAME increase in their ACT/SAT scores as our private tutoring students. The potential for learning is higher in a group setting than one-on-one due to the interaction that takes place; when students explain things to each other or hear things from someone else other than a teacher, we know for sure that they know exactly how to apply the strategies they have learned.

Online classes.

Starting at



Cancel Anytime

Content, Strategy, & Mindset

Weekly calls and homework


Guided Practice

Slay the ACT and Slay the SAT Academies

Monthly memberships can be canceled at any time.

College Essay Assistance.

Starting at


an hour

Meet as little or as much as your want

Working with certified English teacher

Meets you where you are at

Have an essay ready to go!

Are you stuck with where to even begin?

Have some ideas, but you are not sure about the next steps?

Have an essay ready to go, but just need someone to double-check it?


“guidance and confidence”

“Tina is the best when it came to preparing me for the ACT! She gave me the guidance AND confidence that I needed to help me achieve my highest ACT score ever! Tina has forever changed my life and has become an amazing mentor and friend through high school, college, and beyond. Her patience, knowledge, and ACT tricks were the most effective I had ever received”


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