So, what to do the night before the test?  With a national test date tomorrow for the ACT, this has been running through my mind – especially since I am taking the test tomorrow too!
Night before:
  • Before you go to bed on the night before the exam, make sure to collect together anything that you will need for the exam — pencils, eraser, calculator, ID, and admissions ticket. Double-check the time of the exam and the location.
  • Set the alarm clock and then get a good night’s sleep before the exam.
Day of the test:
  • Get to the exam in plenty of time.
  • Read something before you get to the test – a magazine, a book, the newspaper, etc.
  • Don’t talk to friends about the test just before going into the exam.
  • Sit in a location in the exam room where you will be distracted as little as possible.
  • As the papers are distributed, calm yourself down by closing your eyes and taking some slow deep breaths.
  • As you work on the exam, focus only on the exam, not on what other students are doing.
  • If you feel very anxious or even panicky in the test, take a few seconds time out and calm yourself down. Stretch your arms and legs and then relax them again. Do this a couple of times. Take a few slow deep breaths. Do some positive internal self-talk; say to yourself, “I will be OK; I can do this.” Then take your time and get back into the questions.
  • If the exam is more difficult than you anticipated, try to focus and just do your best at that point. It might be enough to get you through!
After the exam is over:
  • Go treat yourself!
Good luck to everyone taking the test tomorrow!