Scores Back Day is always an emotional day for me.
What is Scores Back Day?  It is the amazing day that luckily comes 7 times a year, when students start to get their scores back from the standardized tests.
Excitement and nerves, along with the determination of months of hard work, combine to the thrilling moment when a student (or a parent) login to the test company website to see the results!  It is so emotional because I am bursting with pride as my students text me throughout the day!
My average student increase 4 points, so of course that means that some students go up more than 4 points, and some students may one increase 2 or 3 points.  I can usually predict which students are going to see the larger increases based on the effort that goes into preparation.  It is a simple formula:
Practice + Confidence  = Success
And the more your practice, the greater your confidence.  It is actually pretty magical to witness when students realize how this works!

All-Time High words on a thermometer illustrating increasing heat or score to be the highest on record

My ultimate goal for my students is to help them achieve their goals, whether it is to get a 20 on the ACT,  a 36 on the ACT, or just to move their score up 2 points.  Here are some results from the April 2016 National ACT Test:
Student A from a 25 to a 29
Student B from a 20 to a 25
Student C from a 17 to a 21
Student D from a 26 to a 32
Student E from a 26 to a 29
Student F from a 20 to a 24