I have been reading Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (actually listening to it because I listen to books while I go for daily walks!)  I have heard about this book for YEARS, but I am finally getting around to it!  I’m so glad that I have!  The first habit has already really resonated with me.  It can be applied to SO many things in life, and (surprise surprise) I can easily relate it to preparing for tests!
You have to be PROACTIVE
So what does this really mean?  You need to take initiative. You need to do the work.  You need to dream. You need to go for that dream.
You can’t just hope and wish, and then sit back and wait for things to happen.
So what does it mean to be proactive when it comes to a standardized test?  It means working your butt off to get the score you want!  Starting at the beginning of your Junior year (maybe even the end of your Sophomore year) will help you to be proactive.  Reactive is waiting until the end of your Junior year and can lead to a feeling of panic that you only have a couple months to get the score that you are looking for.
So, what is your goal score for the test (either ACT or SAT)???
Knowledge + Skill + Motivation = Results!
Knowledge is what you learn in school. We can review subjects that you have learned in school, but you do have to have knowledge in order to see success on the test.
Skill is what I can help you with.  Knowing how to approach a standardized test is a skill.  You can practice the test; you can learn how to approach problems that you might not have the knowledge to complete.
Motivation is the drive that you need in order to achieve your goal.  Use the vision of going to the school that you want to go to.  Use the thought of money pouring in from all the scholarships you can get!  Use the idea of competing with a sibling or a friend to see who can get the higher score.  There are SO many things you can use for motivation; you just need to find the magic that is going to light the fire within you!
I am here for you!  Let’s be PROACTIVE and reach your GOAL SCORE!