Online, self-paced ACT class

18 videos, 5 strategies, and 1 test to SLAY

How high can your student score?  In a way, it is completely up to your student!  My2tor will give your student the tools to succeed!

The videos and worksheets enable students to learn the game plans and strategies for each of the sections, and the guided practice demonstrates how to implement strategies real time!

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Student in the ActionACT course have direct access to Tina through a Google Group to ask questions and interact with other studens!



How do you use a semi-colon? What is the sum of all values of m that satisfy 2m² − 16m + 8 = 0?  What is if you don’t know what a word means on the reading test?  These are examples of content questions that will appear on the ACT, and we will answer these questions and MANY more!


What do you do when you don’t know where to start on a question?  Tina will teach test strategies that have been proven to increase ACT scores!  There are certain concepts that you have to know (which is why we cover content), but a HUGE part of the test is just knowing how to take a test!


We will go through why mindset it so important, in addition to talking about test anxiety and ideas for helping with the stress of working within time constraints.

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