Private Tutoring

Private tutoring enables your student to meet one-on-one with Tina or Trica, either at the My2tor office on the south side of Naperville or online.. Whether we are preparing for the ACT, SAT, AP Tests, or simply a math quiz, Tina or Tricia will work with your student to determine where they need the most assistance.

Service Features



Private tutoring is the ultimate level of customization.  Everything we work on is geared to meet your child at their current level, fill in any gaps or misunderstandings, and bring them to the next level.


Study skills

No matter what subject we are meeting about, I teach study skills and organization.  Whether we are gearing up for a standardized test or working on math homework, it is key to know how to study!  Many students have told me that the skills they have learned with me have helped them in the future classes.  My goal is to teach your child to be successful on their own.



Private tutoring allows the teaching to take place at the pace that is best suited for your child.  If it take a full hour to completely understand one problem, then it is worth it!  If all the material makes sense, let’s work ahead!  Every student is unique!



Many students are afraid to admit that they don’t understand something.  There is a freedom that comes with working with a tutor that your student is comfortable with. There are no embarrassing questions; in fact, the more questions that are asked, the more learning that takes place!