ACT or SAT Small Group Tutoring in Naperville, IL

Custom ACT or SAT Test Preparation

How high can your student score?  In a way, it is completely up to your student! My2tor’s average student increases 4 points on the ACT, but some students have increased as much as 13 points! My2tor’s average SAT student increases 150 points on the SAT!  It is up to your student how much he or she improves!  My2tor will give your student the tools to succeed!

Using retired tests and a workbook written by Tina Wiles, your student will learn the content and test taking skills necessary to achieve his or her highest ACT and/or SAT score possible.

Service Features


The interactive nature of group tutoring adds a new dimension to the learning that takes place. Students are able to demonstrate the test strategies to one another, and there is not better way to make sure that a student understands something than to have them teach it to others!


How do you use a semi-colon?  What is the formula for the area of a parallelogram?  What is if you don’t know what a word means on the reading test?  Is a pH value of 3 an acid or a base?  These are examples of content questions that will appear on the ACT and SAT, and we will answer these questions and MANY more!


What do you do when you don’t know where to start on a question?  Tina will teach test strategies that have been proven to increase ACT scores by as much as 9 points and SAT scores by 200!  There are certain concepts that you have to know (which is why we cover content), but a HUGE part of the test is just knowing how to take a test!

Energy level

A higher energy level is more beneficial to the learning process.  Small group tutoring is fun for everyone involved as we get to know each other and help each other out.  The more fun that something it is, the easier it is to remember!