As a business owner mom with 4 sons between the ages of 7-14, I’m all about FREE! Where do I get the practice tests that I use with my students? I’ll let you in on all my secrets!


    It isn’t the prettiest website that you will come across, but what it lacks in appearance, it more than makes up for with content! Too many tests to list, but let me tell you, it is worth a visit! I love this site!
    It doesn’t get any better than get a free practice test from the makers of the test! 
  3. Free ACT Practice Test 2015-2015 1267C
    Past practice test that ACT published.
  4. ACT Practice Test 2011-2012 964E
  5. ACT Practice Test 2008-2009 0661C
  6. Free ACT Practice Test 2005-2006 0359F
    This is online practice on the ACT website. It is a little different because the format is different, but they are still great questions for practice. You may not want to practice timing with these passages since it IS in a different format.


    This is the SAT gold mine!
    This is a wonderful site that can use your PSAT score or SAT score to help come up with a customized study plan!

You might be asking why there are 7 links for ACT prep, but only 2 for SAT. The College Board (the geniuses that make the SAT) are much more forth-coming with SAT Prep. The first link that goes to the College Board website has 8 released tests for FREE. AND several of the tests are recently given tests that were released. You really can’t get better than that! Thank you College Board!

How can this list help me?

Because these are standardized tests, that means that there is basically a recipe that the test makers follow when making the tests. They need to do that in order to compare the scores from different test dates. This means that the MORE you practice, the MORE confident you will become, and the MORE you will see your score increase! Of course, you need to understand what you are doing wrong for the questions that you are getting wrong. You might need some extra help to figure out why and that is when I would recommend signing up for a course or meeting with a tutor.