You read that right.  I take the ACT 2-3 times a year.  I was so excited when I found out that you can take the test at any age. (And I do realize how CRAZY that sounds!)
Why would anyone subject themselves to sitting and taking a test for 3 hours VOLUNTARILY???
Great question!!!
First of all, I’m a little obsessed with the test.  This is pretty uncommon, but it means GREAT things for my students!  I know the test inside and out, and I can share all of this amazing ACT knowledge with your teen!
Another reason that I take the test is street cred.  I think my students enjoy that I know what it feels like to sit in the testing room.  I STILL get nervous when I take the test.  It is an emotional time, and you can literally feel the nervous energy bouncing around the room.  I can help my students deal with these feelings because I know exactly what it feels like for them!
The last reason I take the test so often is to stay on top of the changes that take place to the test.  Sometimes changes are announced in advance, but it is not uncommon for a change to take place on the test out of the blue.  Maybe it is a math topic that hasn’t been on the test in the past, or maybe it is a new format for a reading passage.  When the changes take place, I teach my students how to change our preparations for the next test – and we can start IMMEDIATELY following the test!
And now for the most common question I get asked… what do I score on the exam?  I score a 35 or a 36 every time I take it.  Here is my score report from the April 2016 test: